Veterinary Partners

Click on each clinic to learn more about how each one can help your pet:

Animal Emergency and Referral Center (multiple doctors in each specialty)

Companion Animal Eye Center – Dr. Connie Sillerud

McKeever Dermatology Clinics – Dr. Patrick McKeever and Dr. Nicole Heinrich

Veterinary Surgical Specialists – Dr. Steve Levine, Dr. Scott Hammel, Dr. Lara Rasmussen
VSS specializes in orthopedic surgeries; the specialists travel to local clinics to perform these surgeries and LPC is thrilled to assist in these procedures.

Veterinary Cardiology Specialists – Dr. Janet Olson

Chiropractic for Everybody – Dr. Annie Seefeldt DrAnnie
Since 2008, I provide chiropractic care to humans and animals, alike.  I love my work. Through my training as a doctor of chiropractic, I am able to help my patients enjoy their lives to the fullest. Pain goes away, function returns, smiles get bigger, stresses fade and fun becomes more fun! As a chiropractor, I meet interesting, wonderful people every day.  We talk about hopes and goals, and then formulate plans to make them a reality.  I look forward to meeting you! For a telephone consultation or to schedule an appointment, please call 952-484-5460.