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Fish are the most popular pet in the United States and present some challenges when trying to diagnose and treat disease. Dr. Amy Kizer has extensive experience working with fish. Her interest in fish first started in college where she studied marine biology. Before attending veterinary school Dr. Kizer worked as an aquarist at a large public aquarium. In addition to her work at Lexington Pet Clinic, Dr. Kizer also is the staff veterinarian at Underwater Adventures in the Mall of America.

Dr. Kizer can examine your fish either at the clinic or by house call service. Please review the link for transporting fish if you plan to bring your fish to the clinic for examination. Dr. Kizer is well known in the koi community and has given a number of presentations on fish health and disease. She has a special interest in surgery and has published articles pertaining to fish surgery and anesthesia.

Common medical conditions of fish include external parasites, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and tumors. Because many fish diseases are transmissible between fish it is important to get an accurate diagnosis to avoid multiple losses from the collection.

An accurate diagnosis is also necessary to determine the most effective and safest treatment. There are a number of fish medications sold that can potentially harm your fish and/or water quality. As of now there is no FDA regulation to control the quality of medications sold to treat fish so having a veterinarian involved ensures the fish will be treated with effective medication.

Please call 651-452-5450 if you have any questions about your fish.

Koi Surgery

Koi Surgery

Dr. Kizer and Chad recovering a koi after surgery performed at a client's pond.

Dr. Kizer and Chad recovering a koi after surgery performed at a client’s pond.









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