Happier Vet Visits

5 Tips for Happy Vet Visits

  1. Bring your pet to the clinic HUNGRY. Food motivation is very important in keeping your pet happy, as well as distracted during those less-than-pleasant shots and blood draws. We have a variety of treats here at the clinic, but you may also want to bring a favorite snack from home (especially if your pet has a specific food allergy).
  2. Bring a favorite toy or item from home. The scent of a familiar place can make a trip to an unfamiliar place less daunting.
  3. Make your pet’s carrier a happy place. A few days before your scheduled appointment, pull that carrier out of storage and leave it for your pet to explore at their own will. Try placing a tasty treat (Lean Treats or catnip are a good choice) or fun toys inside a couple times a day. If you have pheromones available, such as Feliway for cats or Adaptil for dogs, feel free to spray that in the carrier as well. If you absolutely can’t get Fluffy into the carrier the day of the appointment, you can make one out of a laundry basket, a towel, and some clamps! (click HERE for instructions and photos)
  4. Pheromones are great! Feliway and Adaptil can both be purchased in the clinic or at pet supply stores. Spray them in carriers, on your clothes, and/or in the car; a little goes a long way.
  5. Car rides can be stressful. To help make it more comfortable for your pet, follow these tips:
    • Provide a non-slip surface for your pet to stand on
    • BEFORE loading Fluffy into the car, for summer months, cool vehicle to a more comfortable temperature; warm car to a comfortable temperature in the winter.
    • If your pet is traveling in a carrier, face the carrier toward the front of the car, and make sure it is level. Most car seats are at an angle, so you will need to elevate the rear end of the carrier on the seat with a rolled up towel or bottle. Also, cover the carrier with a blanket so your pet can only see out of the door. This helps create a sense of security. And of course, pack a favorite toy or blanket to make your pet feel at home.
    • Stay calm and relaxed to prevent your pet picking up on any anxiety (no “baby talking”)

A Friendly Reminder: if your pet gets excited or anxious waiting in the lobby for their exam, feel free to wait in your car until we are ready to see you. It is ok to leave Fluffy in the car for a moment while you check in at the front desk, or you can call to let us know you have arrived.