Sandy’s Pet Salon


Lexington-105 l

Hi, my name is Sandy Heuer!  I have known and worked with Dr. Kizer and Dr. Ferguson in the past; and with the expansion of their clinic, came an opportunity to establish myself in their new location.  I know many of you already and look forward to meeting many more of you here at Lexington Pet Clinic.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree in communications and working for about 11 years in office jobs, I was able to buy my first house and along with that the long awaited first dog of my own named Joey.  He was a poodle mix from the Minnesota Valley Humane Society.  When faced with having to find a groomer for my new found best friend, I began to explore the world of grooming, became interested, trained for one year, and found my new career path.

After almost 18 years of grooming experience, (in the Eagan area for the past 8 years), I realize that my passion is still in grooming.  My main concern has always been and still is the well being of your dog.  The grooming process allows me to notice aspects of your dog’s skin and coat that may otherwise go unnoticed while also making them look their very best.  Typically, I groom Tuesdays through Saturdays and late afternoon appointments available.  I look forward to hearing from you!

I can be reached at 612-516-6171 to make appointments or answer your questions.